RC Tank

24883 Remote control amphibious battle tank

Product size: 24.5x24x15cm
Charging time: about  1 hours
Control time: 5-20 minutes
Control distance: 5-25m
The frequency: 27MHZ
Color: Orange, army green, gray, silver
Remote controller can make the car forward, backward, left and right way, 360 whirlling

24883A Wireless Remote Control R/C Amphibious Tank With Water Shooting

Product size: 24.5x24x12 CM

Control time: about 15-25 minutes
Control distance: approx 50m
Battery type:7.2v Ni-Cd rechargeable Battery 
Full movement controll: Go forward, go backward,  turn left and right, Super 360-degree Spin .Spray water  up to approx 12 meters distance
-All terrain (Land ,Water and Sand)
-Super 360-degree Spin
-with flashlights
-2-Level Forward Speed Control
-Turret can Turn
-Up to 25 minutes play time

24883B RC Amphibious Tank With Shoot Set

Product battery:7.2V 700mah NI-CD battery (included)
Transmitter battery: 1pcs 9V battery(included)
Frequency: 27M 40M,49M
Color: Dark blue , dark green
The product can shuttle between the ocean and the land freely.
The product has the title of "fierce tiger on the land,water dragon on the ocean"
The launching range can be as far as 20-30 meters
This product with a beautiful flash LED Light

24882A R/C Amphibious Chariot
Amphibious Tank can assault on land and water.   
Forward,backward,turn left,turn right,stop,360°truns with flashing lights,Handstand driving  
Remote smart aimed at the target transmitter. 
control distance:about 10-50 metres. 
The speed higher than 10KM/H